Product Description

DYES can be said to be coloured, ionizing and aromatic organic compounds which shows an affinity towards the substrate to which it is being applied. It is generally applied in a solution that is aqueous. Dyes may also require a mordant to better the fastness of the dye on the material on which it is applied.

At the very basic level the use of colour in identifying individual components of tissue sections can be accomplished primarily with dyes. Although there are other means, Dyes are however, the largest group that can easily be manipulate to our liking. Dyes are applied to numerous substrates for example to textiles, leather, plastic, paper etc. in liquid form. One characteristic of dye is that the dyes must get completely or at least partially soluble in which it is being put to.

The rule that we apply to other chemicals is similarly applicable to dyes also. There are several ways for classification of dyes. It should be noted that each class of dye has a very unique chemistry, structure and particular way of bonding. While some dyes can react chemically with the substrates forming strong bonds in the process, others can be held by physical forces. Some of the prominent ways of classification is given hereunder.

  • Organic/Inorganic
  • Natural/Synthetic
  • By area and method of application
  • Chemical classification- Based on the nature of their respective chromophores.
  • By nature of the Electronic Excitation (i.e, energy transfer colorants, absorption colorants and fluorescent colorants).
  • According to the dyeing methods
  • Anionic (for Protein fiber)
  • Direct (Cellulose)
  • Disperse (Polyamide fibers)
Group Application
Direct Cotton, cellulosic and blended fibers
Vat dyes Cotton, cellulosic and blended fibers
Sulphur Cotton, cellulosic fiber
Organic pigments Cotton, cellulosic, blended fabric, paper
Reactive Cellulosic fiber and fabric
Disperse Dyes Synthetic fibers
Acid Dyes Wool, silk, paper, synthetic fibers, leather
Azoic Printing Inks and Pigments
Basic Silk, wool, cotton

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