Product Description

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), or bulk bags, super sacks, totes were introduced to the world since long back in 1960’s. Since last 15-20 years time, they have grown rapidly as more and more companies have realized their cost saving potential. Since its beginnings, the bulk bag industry has grown exponentially and the forecast show similar prospects for growth given a stable economic climate, and reasonable demand for dry, packaged goods.

Less labor is required to handle these units over traditional methods, and that packaging costs can average less than one cent per pound with bulk containers. With these systems, dispensing time for a ton of material is less than five minutes, and disposal problems associated with large numbers of bags and drums are removed. But the real incentives for conversion to the FIBC have been with material handling and ease. Bulk bag users report that discharge times of less than five minutes is a dramatic improvement over traditional sacks. Much like rigid intermediate bulk containers, and the bag in the box concept, FIBC’s have come to occupy an important niche between smaller size packaging and bulk containers for dry products.

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